Weekend 4: Hasselt - Maasmechelen - Tongeren

Iconisch Rondje Limburg

Route: Kempen RouteMeuse RouteHilly Route
Distance: 116 km

Day 1: Hasselt – Maasmechelen: 58 km
Day 2: Maasmechelen – Tongeren: 58 km

Choose an iconic ride in Limburg that combines the Kempen, the Maasland and Haspengouw in a fantastic weekend full of nature, culture and art. Cycle away all your worries along the Meuse and experience unique cycling moments with Cycling through the Water and Cycling through the Heathland.

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From Hasselt you can cycle to the Kempen Route via the nodes.

Hasselt - Maasmechelen - Tongeren

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Not to be missed along the way

Fietsen door het Water

Cycling through the Water

‘Cycling through the Water’ in Bokrijk is a unique cycling experience where you cycle for more than 200 metres across a pond. In the middle, the water on both sides is at eye level. You feel, see and smell the water. A beautiful and unique view of this piece of nature.  'Cycling through the Water' in Bokrijk has been included in the top 100 of the world's most fantastic places to visit by the American magazine TIME. It is the only place in Belgium that was included in the list.


Anyone cycling along the Kempen Route cannot avoid C-mine. The former Winterslag mining site has a unique atmosphere. Here, respect for the industrial past goes hand in hand with contemporary, artistic activity. There is much to do both in and around the former mining buildings. For example, C-mine expedition, an underground experience route, is a must for those who want to explore Genk’s rich mining past. The impressively restored Energy Building is the beating heart of C-mine. And you can get lost in an impressive steel labyrinth in the central square under mine shaft supports.

C-Mine ©JonathanRamael
Fietsen door de Heide

Cycling through the heathland

‘Cycling through the Heathland’ is a cycling trail of four kilometres that takes you right through Belgium’s only National Park. You are presented with exceptional nature on a plate on this new connection right across the Mechelse Heide which, with its 700 hectares, is one of the largest heathland areas in Flanders. The best experience on this route is the nearly 300 m long wooden bicycle bridge, a beacon in the landscape. On top of the bicycle bridge, you get a panoramic view of the natural environment.

Meuse Valley River Park

Meuse Valley River Park is a varied landscape park along the Meuse with a maze of old river arms, natural levees, flow channels and gravel banks. Unique ecosystems have emerged here, all waiting to be discovered while walking and cycling.

Rivierpark Maasvallei