Are you looking for more info to prepare your cycling holiday via the iconic cycling routes? Check out our 'preparation' page first. Here you will find a lot of practical information to help you prepare your cycling holiday in Flanders.

Below we have already answered the most frequently asked questions.

For whom are the iconic cycle routes intended?

The icon cycling routes are intended for the recreational holiday cyclist, who wants to discover the best of Flanders on a multi-day cycling holiday. Any cyclist with a basic level of fitness can enjoy the iconic cycling routes. The vast majority of the icon cycle routes are almost flat. On the Hilly Routeand the Green Belt Route, there are sometimes short, steep inclines. Your effort here is rewarded with beautiful views.  For those who are less mobile or head out on an 'extraordinary' bike, an accessible variant of the Kempen Route is available in the province of Antwerp.

What type of cycle paths can I expect on the iconic cycle routes?

The iconic cycling routes are mapped out on the recreational cycling network and always run on comfortable cycle paths that are for the most part paved. Sometimes forest paths and gravel lanes are followed, but these are always comfortable to cycle on. On the Hilly Route and the Green Belt Route, there are also some cobbled lanes. Tip: Estimate the share of unpaved / cobblestone sections in advance by planning your route with our route planner. At the top of the screen, the proportion of unpaved roads is indicated in light brown and the proportion of cobbled roads in orange.

Where can I rent a holiday bike?

On this page, you will find the overview of specialised bike rental companies.  On the website of each rental company, you will find more details about the actual offer. As these rental companies are located in cities on/along the iconic cycling routes, they are the perfect place to start your cycling holiday and are also easily accessible by train.

How do I return to my starting point?

Choose the train and return easily to your starting point. Here you will learn how to combine train and bike easily in 4 steps.

Where can I find more information about a specific iconic cycle route? 

Each iconic cycle route has its own overview page on this website.  You will find more information about the distance, you can download the GPX and for each iconic cycle route there is a planner to plan your route and find suitable accommodation

How can I find suitable accommodation along the way?

On our route planner, you will find all customised accommodation for holiday cyclists. Here, holiday cyclists are welcomed with open arms. The hosts know what it means to be the perfect stopping place for holiday cyclists and offer the following services: 

  1. Holiday cyclists are welcome for 1 night
  2. A safe and dry bicycle shed* 
  3. The possibility to dry and air clothes
  4. A basic bicycle repair kit and bicycle pump
  5. A first aid kit

*: at the campsites you can safely park your bike next to your tent or rental unit

Are there any brochures or maps available? 

You can find a free map of the icon cycling routes at tourist information offices in Flanders. This map is not suitable to plan your cycling holiday in detail, but it can be useful as an overview or to situate yourself. There is also a guide to the Flemish iconic cycling routes but for now it is only available in Dutch. 

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