Plan your cycling holiday

Fietsen in Vlaanderen

Plan your cycling holiday in 5 steps

Step 1: Select the iconic cycling route
Tick one or more of the iconic cycling routes. The routes can be combined with each other.
Step 2: Zoom in on the map
Zoom in on the map until you can see the node numbers. You can also zoom in via ‘search by location’, top left in the route planner.
Step 3: Mark out your route
Determine a starting point and click the nodes to mark out your route. The route planner automatically follows the iconic cycling routes*.

*You can also deviate from the iconic cycling routes via the ‘nodes’ option or by planning a point between two nodes via ‘intermediate points’.
Step 4: Choose your accommodation
Zoom in until you see a yellow accommodation icon. You can use this to view more information and to add the accommodation to your route.
Step 5: Export your cycling holiday route
Download the GPX or print out an overview map. The iconic route format provides an overview of the map with a list of signposts and the selected accommodation.
Enjoy your cycling holiday!