Tips & tricks for a cycling holiday with children

Fietsen in Vlaanderen

A cycling holiday with the children; impractical? Of course not! And certainly not in Flanders. Because with us, you can find the perfect routes, stops and accommodation for an unforgettable family holiday. Thanks to our handy tips and tricks, the children will never want to travel by car or plane again!
Looking for inspiration? Read this travelogue from a family on a cycling holiday in Flanders. 

Tip 1: Choose a flat route

The advantage of a cycling holiday in Flanders: no route is really difficult. So, depending on the age and condition of your children, you can certainly consider all of the iconic cycling routes. For smaller children or longer holidays, we do however recommend the flatter routes. These are the Kempen, Scheldt and 14–18 Western Front Routes.

Fietsen in Vlaanderen

Tip 2: Insert fun stops as an activity

Just cycling all day can quickly get boring, no matter how beautiful the surroundings may be. Therefore, opt for shorter journeys each day with plenty of fun stops. These can range from playgrounds to provincial domains to a local visitors’ centre. As long as the children can let off steam, they will not be bored for a second.


Tip 3: Take a break with a tasty treat

With all that exercise, stomachs can start to rumble and fatigue strikes more quickly than on a beach holiday. Taking a break is the key. Organise a cosy picnic along your route, book a child-friendly restaurant along the way or stop for a quick snack. Take the time to enjoy yourself and reward yourself and your children with a treat every now and then. After all, you are on holiday.

Ghent with children

Tip 4: Stay at child-friendly locations

Booking your accommodation in advance has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, you are better prepared and have a good choice of where the whole family can relax. Be sure to check the information on our route planner or contact the operators. On the other hand, you are also a lot less flexible. By not booking everything in advance, you can shorten or extend travel days more easily depending on the mood and tiredness of your family. Although, of course, you cannot always be sure of an available room.

Hotel - kind

Tip 5: involve your children

Although the iconic cycling routes often take you along peaceful cycle paths, you also have to deal with traffic from time to time. Make sure your children are familiar with the traffic rules and safety precautions. Also ask them what they would like to do. Are there activities or games along the way that they would like to enjoy? Would they prefer to cycle one day more or less than was planned? The great thing about a cycling holiday is the freedom: anything goes, nothing is compulsory. 

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