Why Flanders?

Flanders Home of Cycling

• Flanders is small but perfectly formed. There is a great deal to see, do and experience here. And thanks to our limited surface area, you will find that it is a pleasure to discover on two wheels.

• Flanders is in love with the bicycle. An average Flemish family owns three bicycles. So we know exactly what it’s like to pedal through the countryside. Car traffic is also very courteous around cyclists.

• Flanders is packed with low-traffic cycle paths. Along rivers and canals, across nature, over the beds of former railway lines and past small, picturesque villages. Wonderful roads to pedal over in all safety.

• Flanders is one big cycling network. Our whole region is dotted with handy cycle nodes. Using these numbered signs, you map out your own route, criss-crossing all of Flanders. Marvellously clear, even without a GPS device: just follow the right numbers.

• Flanders offers the Iconic Cycle Routes. These routes connect the most beautiful parts and the finest assets of Flanders. You can connect the Iconic Cycle Routes with each other or combine them with the cycle nodes to map out your own adventure.

• Flanders has something for everyone. Some will adore the undulating landscapes and vistas, others the easy level pedalling alongside rivers and canals. It’s completely up to you!

• Flanders is passionate about food and drink. You too, hopefully! Here you will find a mouth-watering meal or a tempting glass of something on every street corner. Your bicycle takes you to the tastiest and most authentic spots.

• Flanders has 1,001 assets. From art to nature, from fine food to the unique Belgian beer culture, from heritage to cycling fun, the Iconic Cycle Routes will take you to all the highlights.

As you can see, there are plenty of good reasons to discover Flanders by bicycle. Go on an adventure and discover the stunning cycling landscapes of Flanders, our delicious food and drink and our vibrant art and heritage. Welcome!