Weekend 2: Antwerp - Dendermonde - Ghent

Baasrode Veer

Route: Art Cities RouteScheldt Route
Distance: 101 km

Day 1: Antwerp – Dendermonde: 56 km
Day 2: Dendermonde – Ghent: 45 km

This comfortable and simple two-day ride takes you mostly along the Scheldt, where the cycling is peaceful and car-free. You start in Antwerp or Ghent and can spend the night in Dendermonde. On the way, enjoy the beautiful nature and tranquil surroundings. The little ferries that take you from bank to bank are a unique experience.

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Tip: if you love nature, quietness and tranquillity, then follow the slow tourism variant through the quiet area of Hingene between Temse and Hemiksem.


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Not to be missed along the way

Beiaard Dendermonde

The carillon of Dendermonde

Dendermonde, that is the city of carillon. From the legendary Ros Beiaard, of course, but also from the 49 bells of the Belfry that ring out over the city every quarter of an hour. A city full of history, where in the past war raged all too often. Immerse yourself in the stories of this historic city by the water. Explore the heart of Dendermonde with its beautiful squares and buildings. Whether you want to explore the old, bustling city centre, take a boat trip over the Dender or immerse yourself in the history, in Dendermonde you can do it all. Did you know that there are no fewer than 2 monuments here that appear on the UNESCO world heritage list? The magnificent St. Alexius Beguinage and the Belfry of the town hall flaunt their centuries-old beauty. And you can go and visit them if you want.

The Kruibeke Polders

The Kruibeke Polders form the largest flood plain in Flanders. And yet it is only really under water a couple of times each year. When the water recedes, a world of natural beauty opens up. With mudflats and salt marches, alder swamp thickets and thousands of meadow- and waterfowl. Spot unique animals such as roe deer, beavers and, if you are lucky, even otters. Since the autumn of 2019, a sculptural intervention in corten-steel can be found in the Kruibeke polders. Arcade accentuates the contours of the new dyke. At the Arcade, take the path towards the village of Bazel. Wissekerke Castle soon appears in the distance. Take the small bridge to the left over the water and in no time you are standing in front of the gates of the castle.

Temse Brug

Temse Bridge

The Temse Bridge connects the left bank with the right bank of the Scheldt and Temse in the province of East Flanders with Bornem in the province of Antwerp. The original bridge constructed in 1870 - designed by renowned French engineer Gustave Eiffel - was sadly blown up at the start of World War II. The bridge was renovated in 1955 and, in 2009, a parallel one was added. Depending on the height of the tide, the bridge needs to be opened sporadically for large inland vessels. With a length of 365 metres, the Temse Bridge is the longest bridge in Belgium. It offers a magnificent panorama over the mighty river.

Sint-Amands Quay

Sint-Amands is said to be located on the most beautiful bend of the Scheldt. From the Quay, you do indeed have a breathtaking view over the river. Many artists have found inspiration there. No wonder the famous poet Emile Verhaeren was laid to rest here. Be sure to visit his statue and tomb. At the catering establishments on the Quay, you can taste regional specialities such as eel, asparagus and Duvel beer. The triangular ferry service Sint-Amands-Mariekerke-Moerzeke is one of the twelve ferry services in Scheldeland. With the ferry, you get to the opposite riverbank safely, quickly and for free. A delightful interlude during your bike trip.

Kaai Sint-Amands