Day 5: From Malderen and to Wanzele

wachten op het veer

Malderen – Wanzele, not a cycling stage that immediately captures the imagination. Guided by available camping spaces, we discover places in Flanders where we would otherwise never go. Conveniently, all our accommodation was pre-selected using the route planner. Although, of course, such an approach means that you have to ride from one accommodation to the next every day. This can become tiring for children after a while.

Our tip would be: book your accommodation in advance, but be sure to stay in the same place for a day.

In the morning we agree that we will stop for lunch in Dendermonde, preferably on a terrace. Such targets during each stage provide motivation for the cycling. Be sure to let yourself take in the small moments, the place and the encounters along the way, but if you cycle with children for several days, it is nice to offer a little perspective. Especially when it comes to terraces, ice creams or playgrounds.

op het veer

We reach the city without any problems and soon find a terrace. In the background the carillon sounds. However, the children are not particularly enamoured by the menu. So, after a drink, we head off to a sandwich shop for a picnic on a bench on the banks of the River Dender which flows through the city. Admittedly, the children are right. A hearty sandwich like this can taste good and also offers some panache for continuing the journey along the Scheldt. On to Wanzele!