Day 1: From Hasselt to Tienen

Tienen Skyline

The trip starts from our home in Hasselt. The holiday starts immediately we close the door behind us. Because no iconic cycling route passes by Hasselt, we spend the first day cycling towards the first route. That is not a problem, as the extensive cycle node network connects seamlessly with the iconic cycling routes. Marking out a connecting route is child’s play. Especially with the route planner, with which you can also call up the cycle node network and combine it with sections of the iconic cycling routes.

We cycle via the nodes towards Halen where we connect to the Ijzerenweg. Here we immediately get into the rhythm of carefree cycling. This car-free route along a former railway line is the ideal warm-up and it takes us all the way to Tienen. We cover the distance smoothly and easily.

Ijzerenweg Halen - Diest

Right next to the route we come across a nice terrace. We stretch our legs under the table and enjoy a delicious snack and dessert. For us, a cycling holiday is pedalling and enjoying the surroundings, each other and good food and drink. That includes an ice cream to boost morale. For the rest of the day, we keep ourselves active as compensation.

In Tienen we booked our first overnight stay at mini-camping de Mulkerij. An oasis of peace in the centre of Tienen, in a very beautiful natural camping meadow. The swimming pond offers a welcome cooling off and a pleasant splash for the children. At the campsite, we meet other cyclists who inspire us with their cycling plans.

Camping Mulkerij